Thursday, August 28, 2008

I love my angels

I believe in guardian angels. I remember first learning they were real when I read a story about some children at a school. I believe they had an intruder with a gun and some of the children literally saw their guardian angels help them out windows. It was a real event and I've never forgotten that moment when I first learned they were real. There is also that story about the angels helping the pioneers with the handcarts. I love these stories. They remind me that we aren't alone in this life and there are spirits on the other side rooting for us.
I like to think that deceased grandparents are very possibly guardian angels. Or parents, or any other family, if they're deceased. Why wouldn't they be? They are the closest to you. I believe that regardless of how busy they are on the other side, if they love you, they stay aware of you.

Today I was down in the "dungeon" replacing a filter in our water line. To make a tedious story short, I left out the rubber gasket while reasembling the body of the filter and water started spraying everywhere when I turned the water main back on. Once I turned off the valve and the spraying stopped I tried to unscrew the top (this is not a short version, is it...) and it would not budge. I tried to push the water pressure release button and it wouldn't budge either. It seemed like I'd created a super tight seal. I started getting worried because I was by myself, the water to the entire house was shut off, I was yanking this thing around which could not be good, and was making NO progress. So what did I do? I did what any smart person would do :), I started shouting for my guardian angels! After a second, I tried again with no luck. It felt like it was cemented on. So I kept shouting. "Guardian angels, where are you? I NEED YOU! Grandma Davison, Grandpa Davison, I NEED YOUR HELP! PLEASE COME!" So then I tried unscrewing this thing again and it popped off. No trouble at all! Of course, I have no scientific proof that someone helped me, but I think it's good to always err on the side of angels. I think if you want them to be a real part of your life you need to have faith that they're really there, not too far away.
I also talk to my grandpa White sometimes. I think he listens. I know he loves all of us grandkids and is watching us grow in life.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Brigham's First Day of First Grade!

Brigham had his first day of school on Monday. He was SO excited...for lunch. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does it? :) He was decked out in his new clothes. A Hulk shirt and super hero lunch box. I drove him to school because he was nervous about remembering where his classroom was. I took my camera because I thought I could shoot a little video of him waiting for school to start. It would be fun to look at later I figured. When we pulled up to the school, he saw where he was supposed to line up and jumped out of the car and was gone. Barely a good bye. Okay, well, so much for that I guess! Is he too cool for mom already?
When I picked him up from school I asked how it was. His answer was "SOOOOO.....(I'm expecting AWESOME!) Terrible!" What? He couldn't give me any concrete reasons. Apparently it felt like such a long day. That's understandable. On the bright side, his favorite part of school was indeed lunch!
Yesterday was his second day. He got off the bus and seemed very upbeat about school so I think he's getting used to it. Of course his excitement is mostly about lunch.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I did it!

My brain hurts. Literally, it hurts. As some might know, math is my enemy. Numbers are my enemy. I still count on my fingers. In kindergarten I could not fathom 1+1 =2. In college I learned that miracles still happen when I got a D in basic algebra. I picked my major based on the fact it had the least amount of math classes. I hate numbers. Get it? Well, since sudoku has become popular and touts it's brain building power, I knew that I could use the help. However, I take one look at it and feel dizzy. When I was at my cousin's Shannan's house this weekend she was playing it so I got her to teach me how to play. Her games were too advanced so I searched online and found beach sudoku on! ha ha! This was perfect: a number game, minus the numbers. After she gave me the basic lesson I played a few games of EASY beach sudoku. I got it! I understood the concept. So since I've been home I decided to graduate from arranging beach balls and crabs to real numbers. I found I started out nice and easy on the "VERY EASY" mode. Okay, survived that. Victory! Then I moved up to "EASY" mode and got through that. another proud accomplishment. So then I moved on to "MEDIUM" It started out not too bad but I quickly came up against a brick wall. I started panicking. Literally. I was dizzy, agitated, wanted to cry. I was reliving my math class nightmare. But I couldn't let it beat me. I was determined that I was going to conquer this stinking game or the numbers would've really beat me. I fought through the mild panic attack and refocused......and I did it! I got through it! My brain is still aching but hopefully it's because I forced a few nerve endings to connect. I doubt I'll be doing "HARD" sudoku ANYTIME soon, but if I can keep at medum I'll consider it a success!

Marta is in Guatemala

My sister Marta is in Guatemala. She went over to help at an orphanage that her friends have created. Guatemala is a mess right now in regards to their care of orphaned children. The government will not allow adoptions of any kind. They made this law because children and babies were being adopted and then their organs were being sold on the black market. Unbelievable I know, but it is true. Instead of finding ways to prevent this from happening they outlawed adoption all together. Lots and lots of babies, including children, are being abandoned every day. There is no room for them. Marta's told me horror stories of the conditions.
She helped with a big drive that her and others spearheaded to get supplies for this little orphange. It was great to be a part of. She e-mailed last night and this is what she said:

Hello everyone!!
WOW!!! It's crazy here!!! Yesterday we just received an 8 day old baby!!! What___!!! His name is Levi and he is adorable!!! mandy and I are his primary caretakers...and it's awesome! He is such a good baby...but we don't know what the heck we are doing..but it's all good. I can't wait to tell everyone more about all the kids and show you pictures. They have amazingly sad stories..but are so strong. I have no idea how a mom can give up her 8 day old baby. She already has 3, but cannot care for him. My emotions are maxed out, but I love these kids. Even when their behavioral promlems come out. They have so many issues...but love so hard.
Anyway, I gotta go...but I had to tell everyone about the infant. It's so freaky that he's here.,...and so easily. It's like finding a stray cat....that easy.....shocking.
Okay.....I'm exhausted!!!!

Marta is not experienced with babies. I cannot believe she is mothering a newborn with another inexperienced girl. I feel sad for Marta that she will be coming home in a few days and will have to leave the baby behind. I think there is a good chance she will be bonded with it. Oh man... what can you say..... Marta is so brave.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lovin' Lagoon

Laci was soooo nervous about the ferris wheel but one she was on she didn't want to get off. We rode it two times for her.
Conner and Laci on the speedway. Surely it's not called the speedway, what is it?
Laci and Conner on their rides of choice.

I realized I don't have too many pictures of Brigham but that's because Brigham turned out to be a thrill seeker. He was going on all of the "scary" rides with the guys and some of the girls. I spent most of my time with Laci. Her favorite ride was the train that travels at 1 mile per hour around a big loop. She wanted to ride it again and again. Thank heavens Gina was pregnant. Next year I may not have any other adult to hang out with my wimpy self, oh yeah, and Laci. If she turns into a daredevil, I'm in trouble.
For the record, Maggie and Jeff came with all of their kids. John and Gina came with theirs. I was there with Brigham and Laci and mom came too. Later on we also met up with cousin April and Brad and their kids. April hung out with us for a while. She went on the Odysea ride with Brigham. That was very nice of her. She got soaked. I think Brigham was supposed to pull on a lever but he didn't know it so she was right in line with the spraying water. Maggie had the same problem and was SOAKED. It was hilarious.
We had a great time. Nephi had to work unfortunately. His co-worker had surgery so he had no choice but to work. I missed him. He would've enjoyed it I think and the kids would've loved having him there too. Next year we should be living in Ogden. He should be able to go for sure. We all had so much fun we all agree this is our new family reunion tradition.

Having a blast at Lagoon!

Laci and cousin Conner on the baby boats
Brigham having fun on the bumper cars
Laci loved riding the kitty, her other favorite was the dog. We rode this several times....
Gina and Brianna on the ferris wheel with us.
Brigham is second to the back. This was pretty tame for him, turns out he likes the scary stuff but he liked this too.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

This sounds good

I read this on another website. I wanted to post it so I can try them. I LOVE french fries.

The French Fry

Breakaway StylePosted Tue, May 27, 2008, 4:28 pm PDT

Is there anyone on earth who doesn't like a good batch of fries?
There's plenty of debate on how to make the perfect french fry, and most of it deals with technique: do you fry them twice, as they do in Belgium (the Mecca of many FF connoisseurs)? Which oil, at what temperature? Which potato variety?
Until I discovered a new way to make fries, I rarely made them: I never knew what to do with the large quantities of used oil and was put off by the sheer mess (not to mention health concerns) of using that much oil. I tried making oven-baked fries a number of times, but they just didn't do it for me -- they always seemed a little sodden and not nearly crisp enough.
My discovery: Using a nonstick wok, only about two tablespoons of olive oil, and a few cups of very thinly sliced Russet potatoes (skins on), it's possible to make some very tasty fries.
The key is first to swish the cut potatoes around in a large bowl of cold water, which releases a lot of their starch, and then to dry them thoroughly with a clean towel. You then heat up the oil in the wok over maximum heat and cook them, constantly stirring, for about ten minutes, or until they turn golden. All the oil is absorbed by the potatoes, which turn crispy and cook quickly.

If the deep-fryer turns you off, try this technique, and tell us how you made your fries even more breakaway.

Monday, August 4, 2008

this is random....

I've been looking at the reusable shopping bags for some time now at grocery stores. It just seemed like something I should be doing since it's an easy way to help the environment. Some reasons I put it off was, well, #1: paying $1 for each bag, #2: some of the bags seem ugly, dumb reason I know, #3: Peer pressure. Would I look like a dork?, #4: Are they practical to lug around with you?
Well, I was in Fred Meyer the other day and they of course had all of theirs out on display. I loved them. They were all black with a subtle print on them. They also have 2 different sizes. I ended up buying a total of 10.

So, to answer my above concerns....
#1 yeah, it cost me 10 bucks but it was o.k. Every grocery store gives you a 4-5 cents bag refund when you use reusable bags in their store. (It doesnt' matter what store the bags came from) So if you end up using 6 of the bags they subtract around 30 cents from your bill.

#2 okay, some look better than others which doesn't really matter anyway, but I really love my black bags. They're almost sleek. I feel cool lugging my groceries around.

#3 I don't feel like a dork at all. I actually feel very hip. As you walk out the store with your cart full of these bags, passing everyone with their plastic ones, you feel like you're making a statement. I also think more people will follow suit when they see others using them.

#4 They're not a hassle. I just keep a pile in my trunk and when I go shopping I take as many as I'll probably need and throw them into the shopping cart until check out. Sure, it's more work than not using them but big deal. They're also very strong. They don't rip, no double bagging. They don't cut through your hand when you're carring 5 heavy bags at once. They even help insulate your cold items a little.

I really don't ever want to go back to plastic. If you've ever read anything about the negative impact plastic bags have on different facets of the environment, you learn that they are surprisingly harmful in the quantities that people use them.

So You Think You Can Dance

so, anybody that reads my blog occasionaly might notice that I love the SYTYCD show. The season finale is this week. They go on tour this fall and I got a ticket! 5th row to be exact!!!! I have to go by myself since I don't know anybody that gives a darn about it but that's o.k. I'm just so happy to be going. I decided to go ahead and a buy premium parking ticket also since I'll be be myself. It should reduce stress since I won't have to search for parking, walk 2 blocks in the dark, risk murder (ha ha), etc. This way I get to park in a special lot right next to the E center with a special entrace into the building. I think the extra fee is worth some peace of mind. I can't wait!