Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Brigham's First Day of First Grade!

Brigham had his first day of school on Monday. He was SO excited...for lunch. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does it? :) He was decked out in his new clothes. A Hulk shirt and super hero lunch box. I drove him to school because he was nervous about remembering where his classroom was. I took my camera because I thought I could shoot a little video of him waiting for school to start. It would be fun to look at later I figured. When we pulled up to the school, he saw where he was supposed to line up and jumped out of the car and was gone. Barely a good bye. Okay, well, so much for that I guess! Is he too cool for mom already?
When I picked him up from school I asked how it was. His answer was "SOOOOO.....(I'm expecting AWESOME!) Terrible!" What? He couldn't give me any concrete reasons. Apparently it felt like such a long day. That's understandable. On the bright side, his favorite part of school was indeed lunch!
Yesterday was his second day. He got off the bus and seemed very upbeat about school so I think he's getting used to it. Of course his excitement is mostly about lunch.