Thursday, August 14, 2008

I did it!

My brain hurts. Literally, it hurts. As some might know, math is my enemy. Numbers are my enemy. I still count on my fingers. In kindergarten I could not fathom 1+1 =2. In college I learned that miracles still happen when I got a D in basic algebra. I picked my major based on the fact it had the least amount of math classes. I hate numbers. Get it? Well, since sudoku has become popular and touts it's brain building power, I knew that I could use the help. However, I take one look at it and feel dizzy. When I was at my cousin's Shannan's house this weekend she was playing it so I got her to teach me how to play. Her games were too advanced so I searched online and found beach sudoku on! ha ha! This was perfect: a number game, minus the numbers. After she gave me the basic lesson I played a few games of EASY beach sudoku. I got it! I understood the concept. So since I've been home I decided to graduate from arranging beach balls and crabs to real numbers. I found I started out nice and easy on the "VERY EASY" mode. Okay, survived that. Victory! Then I moved up to "EASY" mode and got through that. another proud accomplishment. So then I moved on to "MEDIUM" It started out not too bad but I quickly came up against a brick wall. I started panicking. Literally. I was dizzy, agitated, wanted to cry. I was reliving my math class nightmare. But I couldn't let it beat me. I was determined that I was going to conquer this stinking game or the numbers would've really beat me. I fought through the mild panic attack and refocused......and I did it! I got through it! My brain is still aching but hopefully it's because I forced a few nerve endings to connect. I doubt I'll be doing "HARD" sudoku ANYTIME soon, but if I can keep at medum I'll consider it a success!


Melinda said...

Sudoku seriously hurts my head! LOL

Nielsen's said...

You are soooo awesome! I'm so proud of you! Sean loves sudoku and I have banned the name of that terrifying game to even be said in the same sentence as my name!!! I'm so impressed that you've jumped such a huge hurdle and have emerged victorious!!! My head hurts thinking about having to sort beach balls and crabs! How's the house selling and looking? Love ya!

shannan said...

Wow Lil! You actually did one with numbers? I am impressed, because it really can be quite difficult. Good for you. You stuck with it!