Thursday, August 28, 2008

I love my angels

I believe in guardian angels. I remember first learning they were real when I read a story about some children at a school. I believe they had an intruder with a gun and some of the children literally saw their guardian angels help them out windows. It was a real event and I've never forgotten that moment when I first learned they were real. There is also that story about the angels helping the pioneers with the handcarts. I love these stories. They remind me that we aren't alone in this life and there are spirits on the other side rooting for us.
I like to think that deceased grandparents are very possibly guardian angels. Or parents, or any other family, if they're deceased. Why wouldn't they be? They are the closest to you. I believe that regardless of how busy they are on the other side, if they love you, they stay aware of you.

Today I was down in the "dungeon" replacing a filter in our water line. To make a tedious story short, I left out the rubber gasket while reasembling the body of the filter and water started spraying everywhere when I turned the water main back on. Once I turned off the valve and the spraying stopped I tried to unscrew the top (this is not a short version, is it...) and it would not budge. I tried to push the water pressure release button and it wouldn't budge either. It seemed like I'd created a super tight seal. I started getting worried because I was by myself, the water to the entire house was shut off, I was yanking this thing around which could not be good, and was making NO progress. So what did I do? I did what any smart person would do :), I started shouting for my guardian angels! After a second, I tried again with no luck. It felt like it was cemented on. So I kept shouting. "Guardian angels, where are you? I NEED YOU! Grandma Davison, Grandpa Davison, I NEED YOUR HELP! PLEASE COME!" So then I tried unscrewing this thing again and it popped off. No trouble at all! Of course, I have no scientific proof that someone helped me, but I think it's good to always err on the side of angels. I think if you want them to be a real part of your life you need to have faith that they're really there, not too far away.
I also talk to my grandpa White sometimes. I think he listens. I know he loves all of us grandkids and is watching us grow in life.


Gina and John Zarate Family said...

Oh lillian, I am always telling John that His gardian angels are never aloud to sleep while watching over him. I know that they have saved his life and kept him out of harms way so many times. They other day I told him I hope he doesn't have to share his angles with Connor or we will be in trouble! ( I also believe they are most likely our deceased realtives so I hope we are not spreading them too thin)