Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lovin' Lagoon

Laci was soooo nervous about the ferris wheel but one she was on she didn't want to get off. We rode it two times for her.
Conner and Laci on the speedway. Surely it's not called the speedway, what is it?
Laci and Conner on their rides of choice.

I realized I don't have too many pictures of Brigham but that's because Brigham turned out to be a thrill seeker. He was going on all of the "scary" rides with the guys and some of the girls. I spent most of my time with Laci. Her favorite ride was the train that travels at 1 mile per hour around a big loop. She wanted to ride it again and again. Thank heavens Gina was pregnant. Next year I may not have any other adult to hang out with my wimpy self, oh yeah, and Laci. If she turns into a daredevil, I'm in trouble.
For the record, Maggie and Jeff came with all of their kids. John and Gina came with theirs. I was there with Brigham and Laci and mom came too. Later on we also met up with cousin April and Brad and their kids. April hung out with us for a while. She went on the Odysea ride with Brigham. That was very nice of her. She got soaked. I think Brigham was supposed to pull on a lever but he didn't know it so she was right in line with the spraying water. Maggie had the same problem and was SOAKED. It was hilarious.
We had a great time. Nephi had to work unfortunately. His co-worker had surgery so he had no choice but to work. I missed him. He would've enjoyed it I think and the kids would've loved having him there too. Next year we should be living in Ogden. He should be able to go for sure. We all had so much fun we all agree this is our new family reunion tradition.