Thursday, August 14, 2008

Marta is in Guatemala

My sister Marta is in Guatemala. She went over to help at an orphanage that her friends have created. Guatemala is a mess right now in regards to their care of orphaned children. The government will not allow adoptions of any kind. They made this law because children and babies were being adopted and then their organs were being sold on the black market. Unbelievable I know, but it is true. Instead of finding ways to prevent this from happening they outlawed adoption all together. Lots and lots of babies, including children, are being abandoned every day. There is no room for them. Marta's told me horror stories of the conditions.
She helped with a big drive that her and others spearheaded to get supplies for this little orphange. It was great to be a part of. She e-mailed last night and this is what she said:

Hello everyone!!
WOW!!! It's crazy here!!! Yesterday we just received an 8 day old baby!!! What___!!! His name is Levi and he is adorable!!! mandy and I are his primary caretakers...and it's awesome! He is such a good baby...but we don't know what the heck we are doing..but it's all good. I can't wait to tell everyone more about all the kids and show you pictures. They have amazingly sad stories..but are so strong. I have no idea how a mom can give up her 8 day old baby. She already has 3, but cannot care for him. My emotions are maxed out, but I love these kids. Even when their behavioral promlems come out. They have so many issues...but love so hard.
Anyway, I gotta go...but I had to tell everyone about the infant. It's so freaky that he's here.,...and so easily. It's like finding a stray cat....that easy.....shocking.
Okay.....I'm exhausted!!!!

Marta is not experienced with babies. I cannot believe she is mothering a newborn with another inexperienced girl. I feel sad for Marta that she will be coming home in a few days and will have to leave the baby behind. I think there is a good chance she will be bonded with it. Oh man... what can you say..... Marta is so brave.


Carlene said...

Wow! I hadn't heard anything about these conditions. That is so heartbreaking. I always find it hard to understand things like this happen and then there are other people that really want a baby that can't seem to have one.