Monday, May 11, 2009

my letter to a friend.

This is a letter I sent to my friend Kim today. I realized while I was writing that I'm updating her better than I'm updating my blog so I decided to just post the letter. I don't think Kim checks my blog often anyhow. She may never know!

Hi! Thanks for the card! That was such a fun surprise. When I read it I was touched and I also immediately thought."Wow, Kim's getting sentimental in her old age!" ha ha! I loved it.
I had a great Mothers Day. I didn't have to teach at church. Nephi made me us breakfast, helped more than usual at dinner, and I was pretty much lazy all day and Nephi didn't get mad at that. I loved it! I think this is the first year I've ever thought that Mothers Day was all it was cracked up to be. I ended up buying myself Crest White Strips for my present. A friend in the ward mentioned she was getting teeth whitening for her gift and it seemed genius to me. When can you ever get teeth whitening and not feel guilty for the expense? Well, white strips are pretty reasonable and I checked the reviews on and they were overwhelmingly good so I felt it was a safe bet. On the second day I used them I was overzealous and used two sets of strips right in a row. I fried myself. My teeth hurt so bad!!! I even went to the store and bought sensodyne and that didn't help. Today the pain had subsided so I started up again. I'm seeing results already and I think I still have 4 days left.
Today was a warm, overcast day. Nephi worked on sprinklers and trimmed a huge evergreen we have. I mowed a little. I love yard work days. The backyard behind me is irritating me so bad! They DON'T mow their lawn! There are patches of grass 2 feet tall! UGH! It wouldn't be so annoying but our yard looks DIRECTLY into theirs if you remember. I found on KSL classifieds that someone is selling 45 feet of those privacy slats that you can put through chain link. I've already called them and planning to buy them. I hope it looks o.k. It won't be enough to go all the way across but we're going to center it on the fence and hope it's not too tacky. Brigham plays with the little boy from that yard. You should see it, they play hide and go seek through the fence! Who would've thought it was possible but they do it....and have a great time! So I still want them to be able to see each other but we won't have to look at all their crap lying around.
Frank has been applying to different jobs in places such as Colorado, California,Texas, and Virginia. He was offered positions at all those places but they picked Virginia! They'll be there in a month!!!! Crazy! I'm excited for them though. Kate's never had real adventure in her life. It will be good for her. I think Susie is trying to put up a strong front since she's realized that she shouldn't get dramatic and emotional on her kids when they're trying to make something of themselves. But I really do feel for her. If it was me in her place and it was Brigham moving across the country I'd be bawling too. At least she's got more kids that are closer than Virginia. That's the perk of having a lot of kids. I'm doomed for lots of heartbreak down the road no doubt when my TWO kids go off into the world. I'll be wishing I'd had more then.

P.S. So You Think You Can Dance starts in two weeks on the 21st! Happy Day!
Talk more later! Lillian


NorthLasVegasmom said...

It's not too late to have more kids...:)