Sunday, May 3, 2009

He finally lost his first tooth.

Brigham has been suffering with his loose tooth for quite some time now. This evening he finally decided it was time to get some dental floss around it and pull it out. Yuck. I told him where my dental floss was and he ran off to get it. A little while later he started screaming (with joy) that his tooth came out. Apparently while looking for the dental floss he came across my tweezers and started messing with his tooth and the next thing he knew he was holding his tooth ! Gross huh?! Pulled out with tweezers!!! It made me queasy to think about. But he was THRILLED. He made a round of phone calls to let people know what happened and to talk about the money he would be receiving from the tooth fairy. He dropped his tooth in his bedroom carpet a couple times and had major tears because he thought all was lost but we managed to find it both times. He's finishing up 1st grade and just now losing his first tooth!


Melanie said...

That's so much fun:) My 10 year lost a tooth last week and was pretty ticked that the tooth fairy only left $5 and not $15:/ I was like, WHAT??? I was lucky to get a buck:)

NorthLasVegasmom said...

Dang... Ann just lost tooth number 4 or 5.. but she never put it under her pillow so we never paid her for them.... so this last tooth she actually put it under and the tooth fairy left her $1. She was ecstatic! She proclaimed that 'normally I'd get a quarter for a tooth but he was paying me back for all the ones he forgot to pay me for.'
Good thing she's excited about such a small amount of money for a tooth.

Nielsen's said...

Hey Lillian!

What a cute boy!!!

I've really been wanting to talk to you! I just spent 30 mins. going through all the comments on my blog trying to find your phone #! Where did it go? Call me or blog me back your "new" number!

Lots of love,

shannan said...

Chelsie is finishing up first grade and still hasn't lost a tooth. Weird how broad the age span is for losing teeth! What an exciting day! I'm glad you both survived it.