Friday, May 29, 2009

cathing up A LITTLE

I know it's been too long since I've written. I'm far enough behind that I can't properly even catch up. So here's a quick catch up.....
Today was Brigham's last day of school. It was an exciting day for him. He could hardly believe that summer started for him this afternoon. I was happy for him and especially proud when his report card came home with entirely perfect scores. He's such a great kid.
Laci finished preschool last week. It was sad (for me, happy for Laci) as I walked her to her school for the last time. I just kept thinking how this was the last moment in time I may ever have a preschooler. In mere seconds she would go in the door and that would be it, I would never walk my preschooler to class again. It made me want to cry. I even video taped that final time as she walked to the door. It was such a big moment for me I had to capture it. So anyhow, much to Laci's delight she's been enjoying summer break for a week now and is looking forward to kindergarten next year. That's a whole other emotional can of worms in my future. Moms, you know what I mean. It's so great to watch kids grow up and it's so heart wrenching at the same time when you realize you're living moments that will never come again.

I started working at an in-home daycare last week. It's going pretty good. I could already tell stories but it's late at night and I'm too tired. My kids get to come with me which is so nice. They get a little antsy but so far they're doing great. The 1 and 2year olds are so stinkin adorable that my kids absolutely love them. And the love is mutual. I hope they'll continue to enjoy each other. Brigham especially loves to play with babies. I know. I know. I should have another one myself. Sorry. Probably NOT going to happen. I think we're all getting our baby fill through work. As much as I love my own babies it is too awesome to be past that exhausting and tedious baby stage. The girl I work for loves me so much she wants me to stay for a LONG time but I've already told her I'll have to stop in the fall. The kids go to a school in a different part of town and I'd have no way to pick them up. So for the summer we'll just keep at it. It's nice to make a little money. I haven't been able to do that for a long time. For that reason alone I wish I could continue in the fall. I just don't see how I could.

I'm going to Idaho Falls tomorrow. Leaving at noon-ish with the kids to hang out with Kim's family. Should be a nice time. Nephi will come up later with his mom. They have to pick up Gary at the airport. Gary was in Virginia with Frank (Nephi's brother) who just moved out to Virginia.

Still loving South Ogden. It seems to be really a good place to live. I've constantly impressed with the opportunities that are available to us. Just not used to that. Still LOVE the house. I've been working in the yard almost daily since spring came months ago. I'm not an artist but I've decided that landscape is my creative outlet. It truly feeds my soul. Ever since we bought our first house years ago I've considered yard-scaping one of favorite past times. I'm constantly thinking, planning and revising ideas and options.

Looking forward to the summer.....