Thursday, March 19, 2009

more to the story....

The case worker finally called me back today. He interviewed Brigham's friend and thankfully he (friend) was very open and forthcoming. The caseworker said that he was spilling it all. THANK HEAVENS!!! The C.W. also said that the depth and scope of the problems were much worse than he originally realized and Brigham's friend has been removed from his home. He is now with his birth dad (lives in Salt Lake). The live-in boyfriend is apparently jail bound. That was an unexpected and upsetting new detail. I never knew he was a problem. Dang. Dang. Dang. I feel like I should've known somehow. I'm so angry about the boyfriend thing. Really p___ off. He came to my house that night acting so innocent when he picked him up. My corrections officer friend is keeping an eye out for him or his mom at the jail to see if either of them get brought in. I think she'll let me know.


NorthLasVegasmom said...

Just say it- You're PISSED OFF!. Anyway... you know I always had an easier time than you did getting those words out (and still do). I'm so glad that the CW did something. Heck... I know that here in Vegas stuff like that falls through the cracks all the time. It's sickening!

Nielsen's said...

I'm so glad that the little boy is no longer being abused! It's all because of your strength to stand up for what's right!!!

I agree with your sister, it's okay to be completely PISSED OFF!!! No one likes to be "smooed" over by a JERK and no one likes to see a innocent child get hurt!

I'm really proud of you!
Love ya,