Friday, November 7, 2008

Note: I have no phone until Nov 13th.

I have had a headache with my phone here. I had a dial tone yesterday and then not today. I'm fed up with Qwest and I'm swithching my phone to Comcast. It's nice to at least have options. Unfortunately my install isn't scheduled until Nov 13th! that is bad. On the upside, when it is installed, I will have unlimited long distance! That is very good. I hope they don't have trouble getting me hooked up. So, I can chat with people next Thursday afternoon hopefully. My new phone number will be 801-605-8013. We're moved in. We have lots of little things to do but we're living our lives. Brigham started school yesterday and is liking it. When life calms down a little I'll post more including pictures.


Nielsen's said...

YEAH! I'm so glad that you are in your home now and that everything is getting to "normal!" Good for you guys. How is Nephi liking his new job? BTW, where in Ogden are you guys living?
Love ya,