Sunday, November 9, 2008

Settling in...

We've really been enjoying getting settled. It has been A LOT of work but it is fun when it feels more and more like our place. Pretty much everything is in. I don't know where everything is but it's all unpacked somewhere! On Saturday we spent almost the ENTIRE day doing yard work in the front of the home. I will try to take a picture tomorrow to show the "after" picture. We cut some stuff down, cleaned things out, etc. The landscape fits the contemporary style of the home now. We've enjoyed meeting our neighbors. Our next door neighbors are so wonderful. They have really made us feel welcome. I met the neighbor two doors down on Saturday and she announced to me on our first meeting that we were going to be workout partners! What?! That was funny. Oh well. I need a workout partner. She introduced Laci to a fluffy little poodle that was actually really friendly and CLEAN. She told Laci she can come over and play ball with it. Then she gave us a tour of her backyard which had a pool with diving board! There was a full on party area with bbq. She doesn't have children at home anymore so we are invited to swim at her home all summer. Man, do I know how to pick a neighborhood or what?
We went to church today. It was fine. It was church. What can I say. The bishop made no announcement for new members to meet in his office after church. That's what our old bishop did every week. So we left as soon as church was over. We didn't care. It was noon and we were hungry! Apparently this is one of those wards where they have to practically make up callings for people. I usually don't love those wards but whatever... maybe I'll get to be hymn book picker upper.
Tomorrow we're having some carpets cleaned, the tile shower steam cleaned. We need to get a checking account, etc. etc. etc.