Friday, September 5, 2008

Laci's first day of Preschool

Well, I have no picture. Laci would not let me take one! I have pictures of Brigham doing most everything for the first time and Laci just refuses. I could have forced her I guess, but I didn't. That just didn't seem right either. However, I will probably force her to hold still for 2 seconds next week and I'll take one. It would be wrong not to have a picture I think.
Laci likes school. It's not very far from our house so that wins points with me. Joy school fell through at the end of the summer which was a bit of a relief since I dreaded getting all of that together again with the other moms. I found an a little ad for this school in the classifieds so I was a little nervous about it but I don't think I could've planned for a better school. The teacher is a sweet and energetic mom who is a lot of fun and has a great curriculum. Laci warmed up to her very quickly. She cried a little the first day and then was fine. Now she can't wait to go. One of the other little girls asked her if she would be her friend and Laci was very excited about that. "I have two new friends!" was her remark to me.
The big, big plus for me is that it's three days a week for 2 1/2 hours at a time. Oh yeah baby! I'm loving it! I am using that time to get exercise, finally, sit by myself, and maybe clean a little bit. If the darn house wasn't for sale I would NOT be wasting my free time by cleaning. oh well.