Friday, September 5, 2008

High school memories

Adriana tagged me. I've never been tagged before. At least not that I'm aware of. So I'm going to answer all of these high school related questions. Here goes.....

1. What school did you attend? Virgin Valley High School
2. Mascot: Bulldog
3. School colors: green and white
4. Did you have school spirit? Yeah, I think so. I had no vicious feelings towards other schools but I Moapa games were definately some of the main highlights of the year.
5. Drive or take the bus? I walked home or Maggie would be nice enough to take us home. Luckily Maggie was able to drive us until I had my license. Holy cow, I remember walking home in some pretty extreme heat. And let me tell you folks, we did not live close to the school.
6. Did you ever skip? I'm pretty sure I didn't. I was pretty straight laced.
7. Ever have detention? Heck no.
8.What did you think of freshman year? Loved it. We were the first freshman class to begin at the new high school. This school was a huge deal since it was the only one in Mesquite and brand new Clark County school district school buildings put Idaho schools to shame, let me tell you.
9. Was lunchtime fun? not really, spent it in seminary. Brother Anderson was great but it required a lot of chasing in one school period.
10. Did you eat school lunch or bagged lunch? My entire primary and secondary school career consisted of me looking forward to eating school lunch. I didn't realize how wierd that was until I came to Idaho and realized that NOBODY here wants to eat school lunch. I swear it was different in Mesquite back then. EVERYBODY ate school lunch. Even the "coolest" kids stood in line and waited. Must've been a small town thing. Call me wierd, but I loved school lunch to the bitter end.
11.Did you go to all the football games? Yes, all the varsity home games. There was something almost magical about home football games. I loved the atmosphere. Plus, I had to dance at halftime. I loved and hated drill team. It was fun and so lame at the same time. That must've been a small town thing too. I can barely watch us on a home video without being totally embarrased but the town in general enjoyed the school spirit we added.
12. Friends with the cheerleaders? I guess some. I was one at one time or another. I developed a healthy distaste for cheerleading and some of the ditzes in it. whatever...
13. Were you considered popular? I don't know. I was friends with a lot of people cool and uncool, but I definately went through a lot of the typical angst. Gaining friends, some friends turning cold towards me for no apparent reason... In general I had plenty of friends.
14. Involved in any clubs? FHA up through Junior year. Had fun being in the state presidency. I had to follow in Maggie's footsteps. By senior year, I was over it. I think Ms. Stroup was disappointed but I wanted to simplify that year.
15. Favorite subject: hmmm...lunch....ha ha! Man, I don't know....It's been so long..I remember I loved Mr. Vogel's science class.
16. Who was your favorite teacher: Mr. Vogel, Mr. Reese, Penny Whittwer, Mrs. Bennett
17. Least favorite teacher: the typing teacher, what's her name? I've blocked it I think. She was truly a mean person. Seriously she should've been repremanded. I wish I'd had the courage to stand up to her. She deserved it. But we were all scared of her. Except Rochelle Bowler. Ha Ha! she used to make her so mad! Oh, you gotta love Rochelle.
18. Who did you hang out with? Paige Bales my senior year.
19. Were you part of a clique? Geez I hope not. That was certainly not my intention. I really was nice to everyone.
20. Were you dating? occasionaly I suppose. James from Moapa was the closest thing to "dating" someone. I got over that fast and broke his heart. I'm pretty sure he got over it fast too. He was so nice. dang, maybe I should've dated him more. I had a relentless crush on Mario Biasi most of my high school career. It was against my better judgement but I couldn't help it. However he was dating (whats her name) and I couldn't fault him since she was sooo pretty and also one of the nicest people in school.
21. graduation year: 1995
22. Aside from school what were your weekends like? Lame. Mom made me come home by 9pm. I had the strictest curfew of everyone. When I was a senior she let up and I had more freedom.
23. What are your best highschool memories? Seriously, I do not look back at high school with very fond feelings. I think high school was so disappointing for me because I really felt like I was nice to everyone and yet there were enough cliques and closed minded people that I felt held back or something. I think my best memories are of trips I took out of town. The French trip...AWESOME....., Washington D.C. trip.....AWESOME....those were the best.
okay, but I do remember looking at the eclipse in Mr. Bartlett's computer class. He made our class fun. Another: secretly playing with Jacob Jensen in Mr. Vogel's science class. I was a senior and he was probably a freshman. I loved acting like a freshman with him! I liked him more than any of the lame guys in my grade so I actually asked him to be my escort at the drill team review. We had so much fun together. I remember him being a little mean to some uncool kids in class and I would lecture him on being kind to others. I think he listened a little bit.
24.Do you miss being in high school? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO
25. Would you do it all again if you could. HECK NOOOOOOOO!