Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bend Oregon

So as many of my loyal readers have read (ha ha), we went to Bend, OR to look at a therapy job that Nephi had been interested in for a couple of years. On paper it sounded like the perfect job. Well, we went to check it out and Nephi didn't love it as much as he imagined he would. There were different reasons but I don't feel like going into just didn't gel in the end. Bend is definately pretty but in my opinion not necessarily more beautiful than Idaho Falls. We really thought we would be impressed and love it there, but that just wasn't the case. One reason is that their real estate has gone down the tubes. Of course that translates into lots of good prices now since tons of homes are sitting empty, but on the flipside, there are tons of homes sitting empty. The neighborhoods there were sad to me. Lots of nice homes sitting on tiny city size lots with weeds growing up around them. The city is so overbuilt the realtor couldn't even say how this would repair itself positively in the near future. It was a shame and personally, it made me appreciate Idaho Falls even more than I already do.
Anyhow, heres some pictures taken from the hotel and the last one I believe I took while out and about.