Monday, July 21, 2008

okay, it looks like we're moving

So, it looks like we're moving. Not to Bend...but to the South Ogden area. We went down to a job interview over a week ago and they loved him and Nephi was impressed with the opportunity. They invited me to come and sit in on the whole interview process so it was really interesting. I figured out pretty quickly that this was the type of setting that Nephi has wanted for a long time. As a certified hand therapist he would work basicaly side by side with the hand surgeons to ensure the best possible care for the patients. It's what he's tried to have in Idaho Falls but it has been futile. These people seem to really appreciate his specialization and understand how it also will boost their company. It's about time. Our home is on the market now. Not the best time to sell a house. We're not making any money on it but hopefully it will be worth it for us in the long run. I posted the address for the virtual tour if anyone wants to check it out. We've already had two showings. Hopefully it will continue. The century 21 caravan comes through this Thursday and next Tuesday is the general mls tour which will include realtors from all over town. Hopefully the exposure will help get the job done. I am trying to rely on faith that if this is what we should be doing it will come together. (hopefully not before the interest rates get much higher. ugh...) Wish us luck!


JINGER said...

ahh...that sounds really good for you guys. It makes a lot of difference when our husbands can feel appreciated and needed in their jobs. I'm sure Nephi will be great, I can't think of anyone who wouldn't love him and get a long with his personality. I hope you guys love your move and everything goes well.


Good Luck with everything. I am jealous. You guys are moving closer to home. How soon are you moving? We should try to get together before you go.

Gina and John Zarate Family said...

I checked out your virtual tour. YOur house is as awesome as I had expected. I am looking forward to see what you do when you get into a house in Ogden. I am so excited for you! IT sounds like a great move and YOU"LL BE CLOSER!!!! Well it looks like we will be seeing you at Lagoon. Can't wait to see ya!