Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

Valentines was fun this year. It really is such an overrated holiday, purely commercial, but I love it. I've always loved it and I probably always will. It has nothing to do with romance for me. I just love the whole commercialization. When everything's covered in red and pink hearts in the stores, I'm happy. I always have to bake Valentine's treats too. I spend as much time contemplating this as much as I do at Christmas.
For my primary class on Sunday I made HOMEMADE cupcakes with HOMEMADE frosting covered in what else, red and pink heart sprinkles. Dude, I NEVER make homemade cake and frosting. I even had a special valentines cupcake box that I've literally been saving for 3 years for "just the right moment". I realized this year that I'd better just use it. It was effective though, my (12 yr olds) primary class thought they were very exciting coming out of that box.

Today is Valentine's Day and I wrestled all morning whether I was really going to go through all the trouble to make cut out frosted sugar cookies. I was tired just thinking about it. (By the way, Laci and I helped at Brigham's class party today where we also ate giant frosted sugar cookies!)
I had to do it. I knew it just wouldn't be Valentine's Day without my own. Of course we couldn't eat all of them so I made plates up for our neighbors across the street that plow my driveway all winter and a particular family in our ward. I'm too shy to actually deliver them though so I make Brigham do it for me. He complains the whole time but the dad of that particular family was excited to get the cookies and I could tell it perked brigham up. While Brigham was feeling good about it still I made sure to give a teaching moment on service. He didn't say "I KNOW mom, you don't always need to me that" (That's a common reply I get). So I think he was feeling the simple joy of service for a moment.
Anyways, had a good day. It ended with Brigham and I at his gymnastics class (Laci was home with Nephi). He did his thing while I sat for the first time all day and read a book, stared into space, whatever. It was good.


Nielsen's said...

You are too cute!!! You are a busy gal! Your post reminded me of the mayo cake you almost tricked me into eating. Yuck! That still gives me the shivers when I think about it, but enough time has passed that I can shiver with a smile! --Jen