Monday, February 18, 2008

Geo-Caching in the desert

Before playing in the river John took us geo-caching. I had never even heard of it before but it's pretty cool. People literally all over the world hide little containers with miscellaneous things in them, mostly junk I figured out. On the internet you can find out their general location and get their gps coordinates. Then you type the coordinates into your GPS tracker and you go find it! The kids thought it was pretty fun. Like treasure hunting. They all got some little trinkets they liked. Laci got a mardi gras type necklace at one stop and Brigham took an animal figure at another. We were out in the desert and we found 3 within walking distance of each other! You're supposed to take something and replace it with something that you've brought. Many of them have a notebook inside that you sign and date so the person who originally placed it can see how much "action" they're getting. John showed me online that there are even geo-caches hidden within a block of my house in Idaho Falls! Wierd! I had no idea. He says that anybody could get online and find some not far from where they live. Apparently this is a huge thing and I had no idea.
Laci and Brigham were both stuck by cactus so they got a genuine desert experience.
I will have more pictures of our trip coming soon! Possibly not until I get back to Idaho Falls at the end of the week.