Sunday, November 1, 2009

Before and After bathroom remodel

This is my master bath" before the remodel. It's a really cramped space with original tiled countertop and badly (my fault) re-glazed (originally baby blue) sink. The original (1969) tiled shower is a cave. The grout was really stained when we moved in. I previously regrouted over the top to give it a fresh look and the new grout is beginning to peel off. The pergo floor has gaps in the boards allowing water to seep through and the shower threshold has gaps in the grout that had let water seep through for who knows how long.......

The old tired sink.
Redone!!! It's still a small bathroom of course but we had the shower wall taken out so now it's a nice big shower with a more open feel. I shopped for very contemporary tile and I really like this. The pictures really don't do the bathroom justice. The porcelain shower tiles have almost a grass like pattern. Very zen I suppose. The floor tiles are called "Urban steel" and they have a bit of a metallic feel and sheen. Very cool. I purposely bought a vanity that wasn't as deep to give a little more floor space and we got a taller toilet. It goes out into the space more than I'd hoped but there's no way to take away the fact that it is simply a small bathroom. I think this is a real improvement over the old. I can see in the picture that the tile still needs to be wiped down more and I'll be sealing the grout in the next couple days.


{Anne} said...

Looks really good! I love the tile on the floor and the vanity. You did a fantastic job!