Sunday, November 29, 2009

Awards ceremony for PTA Relfections Art Contest

I would've labeled this post, "Brigham's Major Award", but it would be unfair to Laci who recieved a certificate of participation. Brigham won 1st place in his age division for visual arts. He won a trophy which was no doubt one of the most exciting moments of his life thus far. Brigham had just told me the night before that he wanted to win a trophy so bad. He had no idea it would happen the next day. He's just had this child-like obsession with wanting to win something. It stems from the fact that Nephi often comes home from races with all sorts of awards including trophies and it's made Brigham for some victory in something....anything. The picture above is my favorite. It shows Brigham after he recieved the award and he can hardly contain himself. It was so fun to see him that excited.
Brigham's artwork goes to the next level for judging now. Eventually we'll know how that goes I guess.
Laci is on the front row wearing the polka dots. She won a certificate of participation. Laci could almost not have cared less. I pretty much had to force her to enter the contest in the first place and she was not jealous AT ALL when he placed higher. They are so different. :) I was proud and excited for just the same though.