Saturday, July 25, 2009

Our annual (well at least 2 years running) Lagoon weekend

It was so fun to host a bbq in my back yard. It's not very often I have so much family visiting!

Going for a walk. On our walk it started downpouring (we WERE NOT very close to home) and we had to run all the way home. Everyone including the kids were laughing so hard and running that we all agreed it was the funnest "walk" ever. Even the littlest baby Brooke was really wet! She was too surprised by the commotion to even cry!

What a cutie!

Getting ready for pictures.

Laci loves taking pictures now. I'm holding Brianna. My brothers daughter.

Grandma with ALL of the grandkids!


Rylee's Mom said...

Your yard looks really nice. Hope you guys had fun at Lagoon!