Saturday, July 25, 2009

Anybody want an apricot?

I took the kids to the elementary playground this evening. They were basically begging. So anyhow, we were there and we saw a tree that had signs on it. It was in a neigboring yard with tons of huge branches hanging over the fence (someone really needs to prune that tree). We decided we needed to find out what the signs said. Brigham thought right away that they would say "something bad". So we got to the signs and they were basically encouraging people to pick the fruit. They clearly had WAY more than they could handle. We were so excited and ran across the school yard to scrounge bags out of the car. The limbs hung so low that Brigham and Laci could easily reached and as you can see we got quite a few and there were still a TON left on the tree! Once we dumped out our bags at home I realized that I didn't know what to do with them all. So I called grandma and she told me how to make apricot jam and we talked about fruit leather. I have so many memories of grandma and her jam so it was fun to call and get her advice. Man, I love grandma. So I think on Monday I'll work on that. I just don't know what containers I'll put it in....