Saturday, July 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Kids!

The kids really wanted to go to Chucky Cheese for their birthday. Laci turned 5 and Brigham turned 7. Once again he couldn't handle the idea of Laci having a birthday before him so they celebrated on the same day, which was Laci's actual birthday.And boy did they have a good time. Brigham brought Hayden Johnson and Laci brought Gracie Hassell. Yes, they rhyme. People even coincidentally asked if they were twins. I couldn't get pictures of the boys there because I had to spend every minute with the girls or they'd get nervous. But they all had a FUN time. The kids thought the pizza was the best they'd ever had (It was actually worse than frozen pizza) and remember it with nothing but the fondest feelings.

Opening presents at home. Thank you everyone who gave them presents! Boy did they have a good birthday! Can you see Laci's excitement as she opens her unicorn?! She even picked it out the week before and yet her joy was still full. Brigham is opening up a wolverine. Of course he loved it. Actually, he picked it the week before also...

I thought that I would surprise them this year with some decorated cakes but they insisted on decorating them themselves. Hey, why not. So here they are with their respective cakes. Laci has a princess cake with crown candles and tons of sprinkles and Brigham has a whole fleet of pirates including boat, treasure chest, and swords! They had so much fun. Maybe this will be our tradition for awhile.