Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Midnight project

I've got my bowl of chips and salsa out still. You can't work at midnight without snacks.

This is the "before". I uploaded them out of order.

I literally did this project at midnight. I got home from work and some b-day shopping for the kids at 10:15pm and I needed my "down" time. So after browsing the internet for awhile I remembered I had these wall decals that I ordered a couple of years ago and still hadn't used. I looked through the blik website to brush up on the installation skills and got right to work! I think I really like it. Man, I get more done at midnight sometimes than the rest of the day!


Nielsen's said...

Looks really good! I know what you mean about midnight projects and getting something done much faster!

I noticed that you have David and Chanda on your link list. How are they and where are they?

Love ya bunches!

Nielsen's said...

By the way, I LOVE YOUR SOPHISTICATED CHILDREN!!! Those are awesome pics.