Saturday, March 14, 2009

our "NEW" bbq

When we moved from Idaho Falls we had to leave our gas grill behind. We just simply ran out of room in our moving truck. That was sad because I'd had it for years and it was great. Well, we REALLY need a grill since I cook on one regularly but haven't felt like we have the extra money so I posted an ad on craigslist looking for a grill that someone would sell me cheap. After a couple of weeks I got a reply back from a guy who said he'd give us his old one.....for FREE! And he'd even deliver it to us! WOO HOO! So he brought it today. I wasn't home (primary activity) but Nephi was waiting for him. I'd bought a gift bag from Great Harvest for Nephi to give him as a thank you. Anyhow this grill is OLD SCHOOL... and I love it! I cleaned it out, varnished the wood with some stuff I had laying around, and voila! We're cooking! We had a hot dog barbeque to break it in and it was fun. A little too cold outside for my taste but the kids didn't notice and had a good time.