Thursday, February 26, 2009

Laci loves chores

This is a job she walked into. She always wants to help put away silverware so awhile ago I made it "her job". I make her wash her hands and then she pull up a stool and gets to work. She seriously loves it. It seems to satisfy her obsession with sorting lots of little things.

This job is perfect for her. She always wants to spray the bottle when I clean windows or wash floors so this is perfect for her. I diluted down a cleaning solution so I don't care that she's wasting a lot. She sprays like there's no tomorrow then wipes them with a sponge. I make sure to give her a ton of positive feedback to keep her motivated because I don't want to clean the sinks! By the way, that's a sucker in her mouth. When I was cleaning some drawers out I found some zinc suckers. She thought they were great. I think they were 3 years old.
Okay, this job I'm not thrilled about and don't encourage her to do. She sprays a ton of solution on the floor and then uses her meager amount of strength to mop. It turns an already un-fun job into a really long un-fun job. So after she has her fun then I do the whole thing again. It's alright. She likes to "help".


Kim said...

Is this the bathroom that you said you painted but it is too bright? If so, it doesn't seem bright here.

Lillian said...

Yeah, trust me. It was bright in person. Actually it probably wasn't actually that bright but with the green sinks and tub it was an awful combo. Coincidently I just repainted it with some left over paint from the living room. Much better. That poor bathroom. It needs an overhaul but it's not going to happen anytime soon!