Friday, February 20, 2009

just talking

Just got back from seeing Slumdog Millionaire. It was pretty good. Let's just say I'm so glad I never lived in India. Boy, that is a rough place. The movie had a good ending just as expected. It wasn't the happy euphoric ending that Oprah got me believing it had. Life had been so rough for them that the happy ending was bittersweet. But definately a good movie. I expect it will win plenty of awards and it deserves them. I went to the big Larry H. Miller(by the way, he died today) theater downtown. It's a pretty exciting place. We need to take the kids down there on a nice summer evening to soak up a little excitement. It's basically a block that has some fun things like the theater, Costa Vida (yummm), the I-Fly experience (have heard mixed reviews on that), rock climbing (I'm scared of heights), children's museum, and I really don't know what else. But there's a lively feel to the place. I think it's probably a fun place in the summer months. I went to the movie by myself and I had to park in the parking garage so that was a little intimidating. But I'm here. So I guess I survived. The trees are all lit up downtown like it's Christmas. I would've thought that with March approaching tree lighting might be over. I'm not complaining though. It adds atmosphere.
Mom, I finally saw the old Egyptian theater tonight. It looks cute. I guess you park in the back since the front doors are on Washington Blvd. Typical of downtowns. Brigham just brought home a flyer for a kids movie series they are doing. They list the movies (kids free) and then say, "PLUS: Classic Cartoons and Old-Time Silent Comedies featuring the Egyptian's MIGHTY WULITZER Theater Pipe Organ!"
I want to go just to see the silent movies with the organ! How cool is that! As long as they're short of course. Can't imagine sitting through that for very long. But what a neat experience.
The first movie is next Saturday so I'll take the kids I think.
I decided this year for my b-day I wanted to have a pie instead of cake. I decided to go to Costco since I usually drool over all their desserts but have no reason to buy a gigantic $10+ pie. So I loaded Laci up tonight and we went to pick something out. She was funny because she knew Brigham would be upset if we picked out apple so she practically begged me not to buy it even though she loves apple pie too. We ended up picking out a HUGE bananna chocolate cream pie. It is way too big but they only make things in jumbo size. It was only $10 too. I already sneaked tastes of the pie and invited Nephi to do the same (so I wouldn't feel like a pig). Hey, it's my birthday pie. I can do what I want! It's not like there's going to be a shortage. It is SOOO good. I'm pretty sure by Monday morning I'll never want to see a chocolate pie again.
At Costco they had ROC facial spf moisturizer. Just what I'd been looking for! And check out this perk. Because it's a retinol formula it says that in 12 weeks my skin will look 10 years younger! So I'm turning 32 but in just 3 months I'm going to look 22? Sign me up! ha ha! No really. Sign me up. It came in a two pack of course so I gave the other to Nephi. Now he really does have fine lines so I'm going to be watching to see if he turns back the clock of time! I'll keep you posted so you'll know if you should run out and buy this stuff.
Okay, bed time. I've got to get to the gym in the morning and work my you know what off because I'm going to be eating a whole lot of cr_p in the next two days. Oh yeah, and I've got to enjoy my last day of ever being 31. Those were the good old days..........