Saturday, February 21, 2009


We went and saw this show today. The title was Tomas Kubinek: Certified Lunatic. It was AWESOME! I was on the edge of my seat for a lot of the show which is unusual for me. But his humor and antics were so unpredictable. We sat in the fifth row so were right up by the stage. Do you remember that Italian director Roberto Benigni that walked across the seats at the Oscars years ago? Well this guy did that several times to interact with the audience and also to find volunteers for different things. It was hilarious. But Brigham was freaked out by this guy. Mr. Kubinek would make the craziest facial expressions and had his hair sticking up all the time. Brigham sat next to me but spent most of the time trying to crowd on my chair with me. I had to keep telling him that he was acting. On the other end of the spectrum Laci thought it all was hilarious. I'd look over to her and she'd have the hugest smile on her face and be LAUGHING. She went along with everything including responding back at certain parts. It's funny how different they are.
I have to mention a funny part in the show. There was a card trick on stage with an audience member he pulled up. Of course Mr. Kubinek "couldn't find" the correct card and eventually pulled out an old paper bag with banannas in it. Tomas peeled his bananna and ate it and kept trying to get the man to eat his(The man was holding one of the bananna in his own hand). He even peeled it part way down for him. Well, the funny thing was, the correct card was rolled up down in the lowest section of the bananna (nobody knew this yet) but this guy admitted he was allergic to banannas and couldn't eat it. This was so fun to watch because Mr. Kubinek had to be spontaneous and he actually laughed out loud (which for a second was out of character) then ate the second bananna himself so the man could find the card tucked inside. He joked that in all the years he never had someone holding the bananna who was allergic to them. As a comedian he got a lot of mileage out of that one for the rest of the show. I have no doubt he'll be telling that story for awhile. You had to be there. It was funny. By the way, the picture above is from the website not the actual show I watched today.