Saturday, January 10, 2009

this is kind of wierd to blog......

I just figured out something tonight that I have to share in case it helps someone else out.

Thirteen years ago I started getting pain/itching on a certain area by my right shoulder blade. It drives me crazy at times and bugs me every day. My dad has the exact same thing and I used to scratch his back EVERY day. Nephi AND my kids (yes, even my four year old) has been roped into scratching it for me because I can't reach it. I've talked to physical therapists and even a massage therapist and everyone thinks I have a kink in my back they can work out with a good massage. Wrong.
Well, tonight, I got the bright idea to google "itchy spot on right shoulder blade". How wierd is that. But you never know what you'll find on google. To my shock what I found was lots of people asking the same question. I am not a freak! It's much more common than I ever imagined! Lots of people going crazy with the same problem and nobody getting any answers. Well, after a little research I discovered it does have a medical name: Notalgia Paraesthetica. It is a nerve damage problem. That particular nerve coming from my spine was damaged at some point (how on earth did that happen?) and so the nerve ending is sending pain /itching sensation to my skin. It is not usually anything serious and can be helped with creams that diminish nerve sensation. I wish I could borrow my grandma's cream for shingles. I think it's the same stuff. Anywho.....does anybody have this problem? If you do, google that fancy medical name and you'll learn everything about something that most medical professionals think you've fabricated in your mind, or just need a massage for.