Wednesday, January 7, 2009

How I did it....

Hi. Thanks for the comments. I thought I'd expound on what I did since some people are interested. Our former backsplash was comprised of sheets of glass that they had literally rolled paint onto the back of and then glued on the wall. You can see it in the before picture. I had to break the glass off the wall. It was scary because it would break in shards and little needle-like pieces were always getting me. I finally used my brain and found some leather gloves to use. I had too many close calls.
When I had some tile work done in Idaho Falls by professionals I paid attention to what they did because I knew that it was something I wanted to try sometime. Other than that I researched how-to's online and read directions, that's it. It really is not that difficult if you have a good flat space to tile on. I love the tile at Their tile is very modern and cool and you can find mosaic glass tile for as little as 5.99 a sheet. That's how much mine was. That is inexpensive for glass tile. Check it out if you're interested. You can contact me if you want advice on what mastic to use.
I really want to tile my bathroom floors but I think that is far beyond my meager skills. We'll see, maybe with more research I'll get up the courage some day. I doubt it.