Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Family History

Thanks to the Dec Ensign I learned about how I can do family history work at home. pg 74. Have you read it? It talks about the new program where anybody can download a new progam (FamilySearch Indexing) and you just upload a batch and you get to work. Basically it's data input. I started last night and I've done two batches. If I can figure it all out, anybody can. In the first batch I had to go through a scanned image of a census sheet from 1920 Illinois. Tonight I went through early 1900 New Hampshire births. Basically it's tedius work, but the spirit of Elijah is real. I truly feel good when I work on these. Except of course when I can't read handwriting. That can be a real challenge. Especially when you aren't familiar with some of the old fashioned names and towns you've never heard of. In my determination not to submit a bunch of crap to the church I googled until I found a good census listing from 1895 of the towns and cities in New Hapshire. Everytime I came across a town where the spelling wasn't obvious, I would just jump over to my town listing page and look until I could find a good match. That was awesome. If I hadn't done that, I would've been submitting some real unhelpful info. So that felt really good. I did send a couple projects back as soon as I looked at them because they were so faded it was impossible to deciper. I felt bad for those people. Hopefully they get found on other documents.
I'm grateful that I can finally be involved in family history. I've always felt bad/guilty that I've never done anything and I'm truly grateful to be a part of something so big. Maybe I can help make a difference for someone else.
I've always found it interesting that Heavenly Father has the power to get all the work done in no time flat and yet he gives all of us the opportunity to serve each other and no doubt form bonds (though we may not feel them yet in this lifetime)of love with others. I envy those people that have and are doing so much work for the dead that I can only imagine the wonderful bonds with people they will have when they get to the other side. That is sooo special.

On a side note: I think half of the 1895 New Hampshire population was named Henry Johnson. I have never seen so many Henry Johnsons in my life.


Nielsen's said...

You are such an inspiration! I'm so proud of you! I have sooooo much work to do only have family group sheets filled out on paper! I'v always felt overwhelmed by family hisory! Maybe I'll give it a try now!

BTW, have you tried Kashi Cinniamon Harvest cereal? I like it because it only has three or four ingredients and I love it with a bit of honey and fresh raspberries!

NorthLasVegasmom said...

I'm glad you finally are enjoying what I have been loving for years. Even if it isn't your own family you are blessing someone's family. Good job!