Tuesday, November 18, 2008


The tree guy has come and gone. I survived, correction: the house survived. Just as I planned I ran outside when I saw him go towards the other trees with his saw. I lamented my concerns to him about branches crashing down on the roof and/or knocking the satellite dish. We discussed it and he spent a lot of time planning how to go about it and I told him I would help. He took me up on it. He had me holding the rope pulling the BIG branches while he was up in the tree going at it with a chain saw. Trust me, we were a sight to be seen. When I wasn't holding the rope I had my face in my hands having panic attacks. But, to make a long story short-er, we took care of it, no damage, except a potted plant I should've moved. The trees I needed cut back are cut back. Success. The End. :)
When I came in from the backyard I realized that Brigham was talking to someone out front. A ward member had come to welcome us. As I walked out past our courtyard wall I greeted the guest then in the next second I looked around. Laci had brought out half of her wardrobe and many of her toys and they were laying across our front yard. Oh, also, there was a big cardboard box they had cut into a playhouse AND a ton of bubblewrap lying everywhere. My mouth dropped open as I looked at this woman and looked around our property. We looked like hillbilly's. I was horrified but because the horror was genuine I'm pretty sure she believed me when I begged her to know that our yard does not normally like this. While we stood there and talked I had to watch car after car and person after person go past our house staring our way, no doubt disgusted with the new trashy neighbors that just moved in. Anyhow, we had a good laugh about it and as soon as she left I picked it all up. It really was funny. Overall, I'm just grateful that the weather is so good that my kids are making playhouses outside. At 6pm tonight it was dark and they were still out front playing in their playhouse with flashlights. Unbelievable. Without jackets. I love Ogden.


Nielsen's said...

Hey Lillian,

Sorry I couldn't talk a few days ago! Lacey has been sleeping so well (spoiling me) and she had a rough night and I had a hard day! Hope to talk to you soon!