Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Kids On The Block

So, as I was telling Kim in an e-mail, I was showing Brigham some "slammin" 90's dance moves and it made me nostalgic for the good old days. I remembered that the New Kids were coming to Salt Lake so I went looking for tickets. I ordered one and it just arrived Fed Ex today. I am especially pleased because I only paid a total of $65. (that included overnight shipping), and the face value of the ticket is $90. The show is actually sold out but I bought it from Stub Hub. Somebody probably thought they'd make a killing off these tickets and now they have to take a loss. I didn't know their original worth until I recieved it. I would not have paid $90 to go to the show. Sorry New Kids. You're not worth $90 bucks. But what a deal. It's in the lower bowl close to the stage so the seat should be great. I'm excited. I had decided to not go earlier, but in the end I couldn't resist. And, unlike my trip down to Utah for So You Think You Can Dance by myself, now my trip down to the e-center will be under 45 minutes I think. I'll bet I can still sing along to all of their old stuff. Woohoo! Should be fun!


Marta said...

WHAAAT ????!!! Oh my heck I am sooo jealous! I would totally love to go to their concert. THey were just here in Vegas, but we always get gouged here because people are always willing to pay more to see a show in vegas. Dang!! How did you get such a smokin deal??
p.s....I've been trying to call you all day....that stupid phone company!!

Lillian said...

Yeah, I wish you could come Marta. We'd be hangin tough.

Lillian said...

Actually, it probably was worth $90 dollars. I'm still reliving the show.