Friday, October 24, 2008

What a day....

Oh my goodness. This is quite a day. Jennifer, thanks for attempting to call me. Even if I were home I don't think I could've talked. I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off.
Backing up.....A while back when I was at the SYTYCD show, I thought I lost my checkbook. I couldn't figure out how that happened, but my checkbook was definately missing. I had to put a stop payment of about 9 check numbers. Well, a week ago I found a checkbook in the back of a drawer and I thought, "Oh, hey! I didn't know I still had some checks in this book to use!" Brainless I know. So I wrote a check at the grocery store for 97.80 and guess what, a check to the title company for $2,000! I don't know how I figured it out, maybe this was one of those "inspired" moments but it suddenly just donned on me. As you can imagine, I went into complete panic. After freaking out and calling everyone involved I ended up wiring the 2,000 dollars to the title company and visiting the business office at the grocery store in person to apologize profusely and repaid them with a new check. I was lucky they didn't charge me a penalty fee. I did have to pay 25. to send the wire. Not bad for a big screw up really.
During all of this I had Brigham going to school, Laci going and coming to preschool, electricians taking care of the inspection report requirements, my loan officer needed an additional form downloaded, signed, scanned, and e-mailed back (which I've never tried to do before), my realtor calling........... And it's only 1:00pm!

BUT, I'm grateful everything is moving forward.... we are now scheduled to sign off on our current home next Wed afternoon and we'll close down there a day or two later. I'm exhausted!


Nielsen's said...

Sounds CRAZY! Soon you'll be in your new house and lovin' it! (Keep that in mind when you feel like running down the street screaming with stress!) ;) Be sure you get me your new address and ph.# when you can!
Love ya!