Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Brigham had the last laugh

I planned for Brigham to go to school Monday through Wednesday this week. On Wednesday I was planning to go by the school and officially check him out. Well, he came home running home from school today so excited. He was waving around a book that his class made him today called "Brigham is so awesome because....". He dumped out his backpack that was full of school supplies and all kinds of things from his classroom. There was even a nice note from his teacher saying how much she'd enjoyed him. Wait a minute..... I asked Brigham "Did your teacher think today was your last day of school?" He sheepishly answered that he got mixed up and told them today was his last day. They had all kinds of celebration for him today from the sound of it. When I told him he still had one more day he started crying and I realized that yeah, that would be pretty lame to go back to school after they'd just had an entire day devoted to sending him off with a bang. I told him he could stay home on Wednesday. Pretty funny actually....