Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Another big day. We have been loading a U-haul all day. Our buyer demanded proof that the trees along the property line were going to be trimmed, so I spent A LOT of energy and time getting that taken of. That was a circus not worth describing. Hours and $300. later we had a paid in full receipt that we could give to our buyer assuring her that the trees would be trimmed next week at no cost to her. Whatever... The final walk through was tonight. She actually brought her home inspector AGAIN (this is the third time people) to scrutinize every little thing we took care of from their list. Once we satisfied them that the house wouldn't burn or some other ridiculous thing they were actually nice to talk to. The buyer is a single mom and her child, a daughter. The daughter was so cute. I asked her which room was going to be hers and she said the blue room (Laci's). She seemed really excited and that made me feel good. Her mom said that she wants to sleep there tomorrow even though they won't have beds in yet. I'm glad that they truly like the house. It makes it easier to leave it to them, especially at the screamin' deal price they got on it. Gotta love this housing market.
So, I guess we're going to crash at Sunni's tomorrow (Nephi's sister) since we'll be lucky to close on Friday. On Friday we're planning for a final walk through, which by the way will be much friendlier and less critical than our buyers were. At the walk through we plan to subtly beg them to let us move in soon after we close instead of waiting a few days for the official funding (Funding takes longer these days). They seem like nice people. I think we've got a fighting chance. We'll be staying at the Fairfield Inn in Layton until we move in.
Okay, I'm going to fall asleep.