Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fun Land

On Friday, Laci's "real" birthday we walked over to Tautphaus park to play at the big playground but it was quite busy so the kids didn't want to stay. The kids didn't want to have to go home though so we decided to walk a little further to Fun Land just for fun. Brigham was so excited about the ferris wheel and Laci wanted to get on the Merry Go Round. They started begging to go on the rides. I warned Brigham that he'd have to ride the ferris wheel by himself because Laci refused to ride it and I couldn't leave her alone. He didn't mind, so I thought, "Hey, why not." We walked back home so I could get some money and then walked back. Brigham rode the ferris wheel twice and Laci rode the Merry Go Round three times. It's a small enough amusement park that I could sit on the grass, hand out tickets and watch. There were two teenage boys that walked around and started rides up for the kids. WE HAD A BLAST! The kids were having a fun time and I enjoyed watching them. I really would like to have been on the ferris wheel with Brigham but maybe next time. In the picture, Brigham is in the red seat on the far upper left of the picture. You can see his head looking down. Gina, I look forward to when you all come. The kids will have fun doing these rides together!