Friday, June 6, 2008

Flashback Friday: Who was your best friend in your neighborhood?

Back in the "old days" it was Minette Faught. She lived in the next house down and her and/or her brothers would be knocking at our door first thing in the morning. This was in the days when half of Mesquite was still dirt and shrubs and there were so many places to use your imagination. Minette's mom was grouchy so we mostly played at our house. They did have a small camper trailer though and we spent many an hour playing house there. Wow, my memories are really vague. Oh, I remember the above ground swimming pool. Remember Marta? We thought it was so amazingly cool and we could've had so much fun in it but they wouldn't allow anyone else to get in it. how rude.. I guess now I can understand that her mom who never paid much attention didn't want anyone else's kids drowning on her property. Smart. Oh yeah, and the chickens....they were running loose everywhere! They would literally kill their own chickens for dinner. Behind their house they had a basement dug that they always swore they were going to finish and they never did...they just always had this huge hole in the back. Did I mention they also had a ton of junk cars, a whole lots worth, piled on top of each other that their dad Charlie (a mechanic) would get parts from. Wow....what more can I say... We did run into Minette just last month and had fun reminiscing with her. She even remebers things about our grandpa that we don't.


NorthLasVegasmom said...

I remember everything you did about Minette... but I totally had forgotten about the camper. I remember it was the coolest playhouse for us. We'd lay on the old dusty dirty mattresses in their and make lots of mud pies. There was always dried mud everywhere on the floor. And for some reason I remember playing on the cinder block stacks next to the Faughts property line. We'd think for some reason that we were safe up there from those mean Faught kids. Who.. were almost all older and much bigger and scarier than us. I remember those meanies throwing mud clods at us and occasionally they would actually hit us and boy would they hurt.
YOu know. I wish I could just copy you and Marta's memories into my blog. I plan to get my blog made into a book in a year or two.. I'd love to have some of your memories in there as well since they seem to mirror mine.