Friday, May 9, 2008

We live in a zoo

Tonight when the kids and I got home there were ducks sleeping in our front yard. A mallard and gray one ( I'm not educated about ducks). The kids were pretty interested. Brigham had to chase them up the street a little bit just to check them out. After Brigham returned they turned around and waddled all the way back. They stayed in my yard for some time. I think the main attraction was the fallen berries I have in my yard.
There's also about 20 vultures that are in and around our neighborhood. When they first arrive it is very exciting. The neighbors all get out their binoculars and we watch them land high in our trees and circle above our heads. They are very large so it's quite spectacular. Apparently they come through for a few weeks in the spring and then come back through in the fall.
We also watch 4-5 rabbits that roam the connected backyards. They don't really belong to anyone and they have survived 2 winters now. I had no idea that rabbits were so social. They run and chase each other all the time. I feel bad for all the rabbits that are caged in the world because when they're free they are very happy and playful animals.
On nice days we can often hear monkeys. That may sound strange but the zoo is close by and monkey noise seems to carry very well. I get a kick out of it.
Our next door neighbor swear they had a porcupine in their backyard last fall but Nephi doesn't believe it.
Last of all, birds and chipmunks are our constant companions. Birds of course are always fine, but those pesky chipmunks drive everyone a little crazy. They are a little agressive when they want something and they're noisy little things. Oh well, I wouldn't give any of it up, I love our little wild kingdom.