Friday, May 9, 2008

Laci making her daily visits

Laci has begun making it a daily ritual to go across the street to our neighbors, David and Karen. She likes to go and "visit". If they're outside she just hangs out with them and if they're not she stands at the door and knocks. She will stand at the door until they come. I mean that literally. The other day nobody was answering and I started feeling sorry for her so I started to shout to her to come home. She shouted back that she was just going to keep knocking. And that she did. For some time. Eventually the garage opened up and they came driving home. I think they played frisbee with the dog, Jack. Today, I was doing lawn work in the back yard and she left to go visit. Brigham was at school. She went in their house and was gone for some time. It was so long that I started to feel guilty about it. Just as I was about to head over, out comes Laci with souveniers and all. She'd had a great time. I always feel a little guilty but I know they like my kids. They have no children of their own so obviously no grand kids. Maybe Laci and Brigham actually irritate them and I'm clueless but I don't think so. David got my kids a bird feeder, filled it, and hung it up in the tree for them, and when they went on vacation they brought my kids money and souveniers for "picking up the mail". (I mostly did it) So I think it's a genuine affection. Thank heavens for good neighbors. They make life for young families at home so much more enjoyable.


Angela said...

oohhhhh, what good neighbors. That is too cute!


That is so sweet of your neighbors. I am sure they look forward to their visits with Laci.