Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kindergarten Graduation

Brigham graduated from kindergarten yesterday. It was really sweet. I've been going in every other week to help so I knew all of the kids a little. His teacher was Mrs. Briggs. Brigham did great this year. He had perfect scores on his report card so we are proud of him. He can't wait to be finished. He says he won't miss school. I'm not sure how we'll keep busy this summer.
Here's what Brigham says about school:
Favorite part of school: "going out to recess"
Least favorite part of school" "doing centers and math."
Riding the bus: "A little bit fun"
Longfellow: "I liked it"
Best friends from school: "Bracken and Liam" "and Ashton"
my teacher: "I liked her a little bit"
What are you excited for in 1st grade: "getting two recesses"


Marta said...

Brigham looks really cute. I remember my Kindergarten graduation, it was totally lame. We put A TON of work into practicing, it was endless!!
I didn't know you volunteered every other week, I bet that was fun to get to know some of the other children.