Monday, April 21, 2008

Pictures from Jared's runway show, L.A. Fashion Week

Scroll down to see more about Jared. He was just at our house tonight and he brought some newspapers that covered his shows. He did this show in the Union Station in L.A. He said he's pretty sure it took 10 years off his life. This building is a historical landmark so there are a million rules and it was a complete headache. But it turned out to be incredible. The newspapers gave him really good press. The majesty of the building was really spectacular in that setting and Jared's shows are anything but ordinary. Way to go Jared. We are proud of him.


Marta said...

Wow, these photos are awesome photos. Good for Jared, I can only imagine how hard he's had to work all these years. I wish I was that creative!!!

PS. I noticed you took off the word verification on your comments.
Yeah, thanks!!!

JINGER said...

oh how fun would it be to go to a show. I would totally love it. I want him to make me an outfit would be so fun to see what he would come up with.