Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Raking snow

I am going crazy inside the house and the kids are going crazy thus driving me crazy. :) It is slowly getting less cold and the snow is beginning to melt. In some places that get a lot of sun it is melting really well. We've been dreaming all winter about the phantom trampoline we've planned to get this summer. One of the things that I loved about our backyard in the summer I don't love in the winter. The area I live in is forested and I've got a ton of shade in the backyard. In the summer it makes for an awesome woodsy backyard but now that it's spring I've got 2 feet of snow that's not going anywhere fast. I am bound and determined that I'm going to have an area of grass to put a trampoline up so I rake the snow every day on to the dry spots under the evergreens. Nephi thinks I'm a little pathetic but I don't care! I ordered a trampoline that will be here in a week and by golly, I'm going to have a 14 foot area of grass if it kills me! Of course, If I successfully bring spring to that 14 foot area it still may be too cold most of the time for jumping. hmm....coats.


JINGER said...

You go for it Lilly! That is so great, I want to trampoline too. That's definatly on our list, and if raking snow is the only way to have it up this month then you go for it. I completely understand.

Nielsen's said...

I think raking the snow sounds like a great idea! We still have a few big heaps of snow here and there, but I'm hoping it will all be gone soon. I am so ready for spring!!! Also, my girls love to jump on our trampoline year round. They think it's fun to jump in the snow with all their snow gear on, and they especially love jumping with a water sprinkler underneath on a hot day. I hope that spring finds your backgard soon! Have tons of fun!