Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

Yup, it's my birthday. 31 years old. I would have preferred to stay at 29 forever. That was my perfect age. I was at the height of my twenties. Mature and young all at the same time.... Well, at least early thirties aren't so bad are they?! Sorry to all of you much older, I know that I sound ridiculous. But I'll bet everyone can relate to some degree.
So today for my birthday I did a lot and nothing all at the same time. Brigham and Laci both had school at the same time. I managed to squander all of that free time by chasing ALL over town running pointless errands. oh yeah, I took myself to lunch at Bajio with mom's birthday money. Thanks mom. In the morning I had arranged for the kids to play at friends' homes after school so I could hang out at home by myself and read or do WHATEVER I want. Well, I started reading, fell asleep, woke up twenty minutes later thinking I'd been asleep for hours, called Marta, took some laundry out of the dryer before they wrinkled, cleaned up my kitchen quickly so Nephi wouldn't think I was a slob, and my time was up! I had to go pick up the kids! Dang, that didn't feel like a very long break. oh well. Tomorrow we are going out with friends, Kim and Matt to Chilis. That will be fun. Happy Birthday to me....

By the way, I had a thought about holidays and birthdays in general.... Does anybody else always feel let down on holidays even just a little? I've always had this false notion that birthdays and I suppose any holiday should feel magical or special to some degree. That the world around me should be "electric" because it's a holiday. It should be a day full of happiness, fullfilment, good will, excitement, and of course they always feel incredibly ordinary even mundane at times. I've come to the conclusion, mostly from some of the books I've read that the only way you can come close to the laundry list of expectations is if you are extremely wealthy, maybe even powerful, and you have people beconing to your every whim, creating a magical experience (that was most likely over the top and expensive). I've been reading The Other Boleyn Girl and it is interesting how there were always a LOT of people behind the scenes creating perfect magical experience for the royalty that were anything but reality.... anyways, I'm just rambling on...... :)


JINGER said...

That is so funny that you would bring up the birthday and holiday thing. Carl and I have had this discussion many times. On my birthday I have total mixed emotions, one part of me wants everyone to forget, and the other side wants a parade. I feel the same on the holidays, especially thanksgiving. We cook, not all day, but all week before. We clean the house for company, and then it's over after one short meal. I don't know, but chuck arama sounds good to me. No prep, no mess, and no stress. But if I were rich, I'd probably do all those things...NOT...I'd have someone else that's hired to do it, do it. So I agree with your feelings, and it's completely frustrating because my Mom did such a wonderful job making the holidays special, but man it's a lot of work. But for my kids sake, I'll do it.


Happy Birthday!! I have to say I agree with you about the birthdays. My birthday is just like any other day. I still have to clean and cook and take care of my kids.

NorthLasVegasmom said...

Hey Bub,
Sorry I didn't call on your birthday. Happy Happy B day. That was the day that we rearranged our entire upstairs moving all 3 girls into the 'old' scrapbook room, and the guest room/baby room down the hall, then the bunk room is now only a playroom and my scrapbook area is now downstairs. I way over did myself Friday to the point of being very very sore the rest of this weekend. I will try to remember next year. And... enjoy your 30's!!!!