Friday, January 11, 2008

Hooray! The snow pants finally arrived in the mail. A whole new world has opened up for the kids. Play in the snow? It's actually fun! Yes, even I broke out my snow pants from my North Dakota days and made snow angels in 12 inches of untouched snow in our backyard. Brigham stayed out until almost dark. I cannot believe it, but properly dressed, tons of snow can be a recipe for tons of fun! Who knew it? Apparently everybody but me.... By the way, as you can see in the picture my Christmas reindeer will probably be on my lawn until spring. Note to self: Do not set up lawn ornaments where snow will pile 4 feet high.


Marta said... too bad it only took you about 5 years to figure out that snow pants ACTUALLY DO have a happy place in Idaho Falls....enough said.
Looks like they're having fun! Save some snow for me!