Monday, December 31, 2007

Brigham begins kindergarten

Backtracking a little.....Brigham's first day of kindergarten this fall. I was excited for Brigham to to be able to go to school and experience the fun that kindergarten is but I was a little choked up! He was so ready to go and not worried at all. He was especially excited to take the bus home!


Marta said...

Oh that's really sweet, I love that he was so excited, and so brave. I can only imagine how traumatic it can be for some kids. I'm so proud that Brig is not the "crier" of the class!

Nielsen's said...

Love the blog! Brigham is brave, but you are even more brave to me! When Megan went to kinder, I followed the bus all the way to school and had a co-dependence meltdown!!! Ha!Ha! I've been much better with Emma though. On her first day of kinder, she told me she didn't want to hold my hand, and that she was a big girl now!


Hi Lillian and Family,
I came across your blog from your sister's. Sounds like things are going good for you. We live in Blackfoot so we are going to have to get together sometime. Hope you have a Happy New Year!!