Sunday, November 1, 2009

Laci's Halloween party

(The photo comments are publishing all wierd so for whatever reason they're all stacked at the end of the photos)

This litte girl, Lexi has this obsession with wrestling Brigham to the ground. Luckily he likes a good wrestle because she was relentless! cute! I had made Halloween cupcakes for Brigham's party then froze some for Laci's party the week after but when I tried them they were gross...did not freeze well. So off to the store for treats. The kids are clearly easy to please. They all thought push pops were awesome. Some of them were seeing them for the first time. I thought EVERY kid knew what a push pop was.

The girls doing their crafts. They painted unicorns and rainbows. How fitting, huh? This little girl in the front is only 3 years old. Her older sister is Laci's friend and feels sad that she gets left out of things, so we invite her along to anything. So cute!

This party was another success! I'm not going to lie. I patted myself on the back after pulling off two Halloween parties for my kids. I hope they remember that I really try.