Saturday, September 26, 2009

EXTERRA trail run and USA Championships

Today was a gorgeous fall day at Snow Basin ski resort.
We ended up missing Nephi running in by 10 minutes. He ran the half marathon trail run. It was a very uphill course but compared to his usual ultras, he thought it was pretty manageable.
The BIG event of the day was the EXTERRA USA Championships for the triathalon. Now that was fun to watch. This was the transition point for when they hop off their bikes, throw on their running shoes and take off. It was a lot of fun to watch. I was mesmerized by it all and stayed cheering until Brigham told me everyone else was tired of waiting for me and we had to leave. I decided right then and there that if there's anyway I can volunteer next year, I will. I wanted to jump over the barrier and start handing out the water. Maybe next year.

Today seemed to be a BIG day for Ogden athletic events. I passed a bike race in downtown (tour de France style) and also a kayaking event when coming through Ogden canyon. Boy, if I was the outdoorsy type, my new hometown would be heaven on earth! :)