Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Visiting the trains

The Olympics car
Climbing trains

An old caboose

Fountain in front of the Union Station

This is actually why we went to the Union Station yesterday. This new movie coming out in November is doing a cross country train tour. They had an entire train that you could walk through and see how they made the movie, costumes, special effects. Just a big promotional gig. It looked like it would be fun. I hadn't seen a lot of advertisement so I thought the crowds would be fine. NOT SO. The line to get in was 3 HOURS LONG! Sorry, not interested. So we settled for a picture in front of the train. (The kids couldn't care less if we went on the tour.) Instead we visited all the trains they have parked on the side of the station. This was a big hit. It was Laci's second time. Gina, when you bring the kids up. I want to take your kids here. They'd love it and it's just downtown Ogden.