Sunday, June 7, 2009

Awesome air show

When we moved to S. Ogden I knew one of the perks would be living close to the air base. I've always been a HUGE fan of air force aircraft and love air shows. When we lived in North Dakota we even left church early with friends to drive an hour to the show at the base there. So to live one freeway exit away from one is very cool for me. We went to the show on Saturday afternoon and managed to get up close on the bleachers. It was AWESOME! All kinds of stunt planes, jet fly-by's, and demonstrations. One of the the most amazing things believe it or not was watching a huge C-17 land right in front of us. It's enormous and yet uses very LITTLE space on the runway. It just comes right to a stop like it's no big deal. And then it just backs up and heads off. Unbelievable. I really wanted to stay for the Thunderbirds but of course before they could fly the kids were crying and starving (we will be better prepared next time) so we had to leave. I was disappointed. BUT, today was day 2 of the airshow and I knew the Thunderbirds would be flying at around 4pm-ish. All during church I could hear jets flying overhead and it was making me crazy but I kept telling myself I was where I'm supposed to be and I just let it go. But when I got home, I was on the lookout. And what do you know.... The Thunderbirds IN FORMATION came over the hill, very low, and flew right over me!!! They were so close I could easily see the birds painted on the bottoms. When they reached my house they all turned to the left and flew off that way. I was ecstatic!!! Then a few minutes later I could hear the roaring and I ran back outside and they came from behind my house and headed off. This was as good as being at the airshow. A show with no traffic to deal with! I saw the Thunderbirds in North Dakota so I was alright with not seeing the actual show . This was good enough. For the next hour they flew back and forth and all around. But never as close as the first two times. It was fun. I took a little video on one of their pass overs. They are quite high on that pass but I didn't have my camera when they flew low.

Ahhhhh......I love Ogden.